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Amethyst is crystalline quartz in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep reddish purple. With a relatively high hardness of 7, the February birthstone is a fine facetable jewelry gem for all purposes. Lower grades of material can be cabbed, carved, and made into a great variety of beads and other ornamental objects.

Step 1: clean with wet wipes

Step 2: put under indirect sun

Step 3: set intention - is it for wealth/prevention/protection of …… or bad people, work, job, salary… ? Must be clear, specific.


Place to put:

1. Bed/pillow

2. At work desk

3. Wrap in cloth/no need, put in your bag or purse

4. Put in your clothes- this wrap in small cloth

5. Put in your pocket



Bi-weekly if you use everyday eg: put in pocket

Monthly if you put on table, bed


Selenite - white colour tower: Here are a some of the main purported healing benefits of a selenite crystal:

promotes peace and calm.

provides clarity.

clears blocked energy.

elevates the spirit.

helps you access your intuition.

is an effective space cleanser.

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